indoor potted tree care

It's easy to care for your tree after reading these recommendations...

You don't have to be home for delivery. We put your tree next to your front door.

It comes tied up with string so you'll cut the string and shake the tree to let loose needles fall outside your home, rather than inside.

Put a coaster under the pot. (Like a bath mat, doormat, towel or cardboard.)

Slide the tree inside your home. (If you're frail or if it needs to go up any stars inside your home, order a 6' tree. We don't go inside homes.)

Use the smaller, pencil erasure size, lights which are perfect. Please don't use the thumb size lights, they're too hot for a live tree.

Use any decorations except tinsel, or flock (the fake snow spray).

Keep your tree cool. Choose a spot in your home away from heat vents and turn heat down at night and when you're not home.

Just water a pint or two each day.

Slide your tree outside your home after New Years.

(Detailed helpful info is emailed prior to delivery, and comes on paper with your tree.)